Foster and At-Risk Youth

Job preparation and placement programs

The Right Start for Your Career

If you’re a former foster or at-risk youth, 18岁或以上, 皇冠hg7878 can help you build the career you want. We offer multiple services to help you gain skills and overcome obstacles, 包括工作指导, 职业生涯辅导, 带薪实习, and vocational training. In addition to providing employment training and preparation, we can also help you find the right job—either at 皇冠hg7878, or with one of the many businesses in our employment partner network. Whether you’re seeking a part-time job or a full-time position with benefits, 皇冠hg7878 is here to help you achieve your employment goals.

Customized Job Development 皇冠hg7878


We’ll help you determine the skills required for the career you want. And then we’ll help you find the right programs to develop those skills.


在皇冠hg7878, our coaches will help you map out a long-term plan for career success, and access the tools you need to achieve your goals.


From resume writing to interviewing practice to picking the right outfit, our Job Coaches will help prepare you to land the job you want.


Temp-to-hire arrangements allow you to test-drive a job before making a final commitment, and also give you a chance to demonstrate your skills to potential employers.


Whether at 皇冠hg7878, or with one of the hundreds of companies in our employment network, we can help you find work and start building your career.


Our support doesn’t end when you land a job. Our Job Coaches are always available to answer job-related questions, and advocate on your behalf if needed.


  • 收入的资格 

  • 年龄18-24岁 

  • 不再上学 

  • One or more qualifying circumstances such as: 

    • Experience in foster care

    • 辍学 

    • 无家可归 

    • 残疾 

    • 药物滥用 

    • 心理健康问题 

    • 可怜的工作经历 

    • History of reliance on government assistance 

Our Employment Partners

皇冠hg7878 has built a network of more than 250 community employers who share our belief that a diverse workforce is a highly productive one. Our placement specialists work closely with employees and employers to carefully match qualified workers to appropriate job opportunities.

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